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Vertical Crab Housing

Crabs are grown in neat and organized vertical crab housing that are cleaned regularly.

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vertical crab farm
mud crab aquaculture

Crabs Fattening

Water crabs are fatten in the crab housing over a short duration into profit yielding Meat crabs.

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100% Natural farming

No chemical is being used on the farm. All the feeds are organic and the crabs are grown naturally.

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About Us

Vertical Farming of Mud Crab Aqua Culture

Astro Aquaculture is the lead vertical farming company in India. We provide the best vertical farming solution with our specially designed boxes and customized RAS system. We aim to provide the most efficient and economical system for the purpose of crab growing, crab fattening and soft shell crab breeding.

  • Premium Quality
  • Maximum Yield
  • 100% Organic
  • Fast Delivery
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High Quality, Healthy & Organic Mud Crabs

We are very serious about food safety and consumer well-being in the farming of our mud crabs. Food Safety and Consumer Well-being is our key Motto!

Vertical Farming Crab Boxes For Sale

Made from 100% virgin polypropylene (food grade) material which guarantees that food safety is never compromised.

Specifically designed so that it is best suited for the growing of mud crabs.

Ease of assembling and setting up the vertical farm.

Boxes are tested for its durability and strength in ensuring that minimum maintenance is required.

Only a small space is required to setup and operate the vertical farm lower setup, lower operating cost.


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